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For the first-time ever, SHAPE America is participating in a global day of giving known as #GivingTuesday. If just 50 people in every state donated $20.29, we can reach our fundraising goal of $50,000! These funds will help us advance health and physical education programs across the country!

Help Us Get the Word Out


  • On #GivingTuesday support #HPE ts! After all – they help all children live their best life! @GivingTues @SHAPE_America #Prepare50Million
  • On #GivingTuesday help @SHAPE_America reach their goal to put all kids on the path to #health + #physicalliteracy! #Prepare50Million
  • #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving! Support @SHAPE_America’s goal to help #HPE ts #Prepare50MillionStrong kids!


  • Say yes to supporting health and physical education on #GivingTuesday, the global day of giving! Can I count on you? @SHAPE America
  • Donate this #GivingTuesday to @SHAPE America to support all children on their path to #health + #physicalliteracy.
  • This #GivingTuesday, help fund scholarships for teachers to advocate on Capitol Hill in support of health and PE in schools. @SHAPE America
  • Your #GivingTuesday donation to @SHAPE America will help recognize exceptional health and physical education teachers who go on to inspire their colleagues around the country!
  • Help @SHAPE America create and distribute more kid-friendly resources that prepare students to become healthier and more physically active. Donate this #GivingTuesday!


Use our #Unselfie template and sample messages below to inspire friends and family to give! Download and fill in the template with why you’re supporting us, take a photo holding the sign and share! (P.S. This is a great idea for Facebook and Twitter too!)

  • I just donated to @shapeamerica this #GivingTuesday to support #school #healtheducation + #physicaleducation. After all – kids learn the skills to live their best life in #HPE! @givingtuesday #UNselfie
  • Join me in supporting @shapeamerica so all children can lead active, healthy lives! #UNselfie #GivingTuesday @givingtuesday #Prepare50Million #healthed #physed


  • This #GivingTuesday, you can help @SHAPE America offer more e-learning opportunities at no cost to health and physical education teachers so they can implement impactful teaching methods and effective health and physical education programs. #healtheducation #physicaleducation
  • With your support on #GivingTuesday, @SHAPE America can develop free templates and tools that allow health and physical education teachers to evaluate their students and guide them toward personal growth and achievement. #healtheducation #physicaleducation
  • @SHAPE America supports and promotes research that leads to improvements in school health and physical education programs. Can we count on your support this #GivingTuesday? #healtheducation #physicaleducation

Blog About It

Post a blog featuring a “story of impact” on Exchange and/or on your own blog (if you have) that showcases how health and PE programs are helping to prepare students to lead active and healthy lives.

  • Be sure to include images and share your story through social media using hashtags #GivingTuesday #Prepare50Million and others you normally use. Add a link to SHAPE America’s #GivingTuesday webpage to make it easy for your readers to give:


#Unselfie Template


More #Unselfie Templates




Across the country, health and PE teachers — and others in the profession — are saying “Count Me In” to 50 Million Strong by 2029, SHAPE America’s ongoing initiative to put all children on the path to health and physical literacy through effective health and physical education programs.

We’ve got new resources to help you do what you do best – help students live their best life! Post about them to help spread the word throughout the professions!

Share These Sample Messages!


  • Prepare kids to lead active lives where smart health habits are 2nd nature. It starts w/ effective instruc in #HPE.
  • @SHAPE_America has new, free kid-friendly posters to help put Ss on path to health + #physicalliteracy. #Prepare50Million
  • No two kids are the same. Great example of #differentiatedinstruction in #physed @Camp_Abilities. #Prepare50Million
  • 50MS is abt preparing Ss so they ARE + want to be active + healthy! Read @SHAPE_America’s NEW metrics for success:
  • I’m ready to take the lead in promoting school-wide wellness. #CSPAP #WSCC #Prepare50Million
  • A health + physical literacy journey starts with #HPE ts. Watch Cody Retuta’s story. (When you tweet this, tag a few colleagues)
  • Maximize Ss potential to be healthy + ready to learn with the #WSCC model. Download @SHAPE_America’s guidance doc:
  • Positive #HPE policies will help us #Prepare50Million kids to lead active, healthy lives. FREE Advocacy Toolkit:
  • Help improve kids health + wellbeing in your school! SHAPE America supports these positive #HPE policies:
  • This #backtoschool season, advocate for full funding in FY18! We need #MoreTitleIV to #Prepare50Million Strong kids!
  • SHAPE America will host its Online Advocacy Day Sept 14! Mark your calendar #healthed #physed friends! #Prepare50Million


Help Build Awareness

Post one or all of SHAPE America’s social media badges to show your personal commitment to 50 Million Strong.

Tweet, post and pin these digital badges using #Prepare50Million. We encourage you to add another hashtag of your choice to help expand our collective reach to other educators, school leaders and parents.

Inspire other HPE professionals! Tweet tips on how you will use SHAPE America’s new resources in your school #Prepare50Million.

* Download our badges, to receive monthly updates on new action items to take toward 50 Million Strong, or just right click and save the badges to share on social media right away!

If you have trouble downloading your badges, let us know on social media @SHAPE_America.