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Your gift will allow us to:

  • Create more kid-friendly resources that help students lead healthier, more physically active lives;
  • Offer free e-learning opportunities for teachers so they can implement impactful programs in their school;
  • Develop free templates and tools that help teachers guide students toward personal growth and achievement;
  • Support research that leads to improvements in school health and physical education programs;


Thank You for Supporting Active, Healthy Children!

A heartfelt thank you to all of our generous donors who contributed to SHAPE America’s first #GivingTuesday fundraising campaign. Your donations are a reminder that everyone can have an impact in helping children lead their best life through effective health and PE programs. Below are individuals that contributions were made in honor of.

Your support was essential and will continue to be vital as we work toward our collective goal to put all children on the path to health and physical literacy!


SHAPE America Honor Roll

UPDATED: December 8

Kayla Clark

Dorothy Orr

Thanks for introducing me to AAHPERD Fred. You are the reason I appreciate and understand the need for professional involvement.

I support SHAPE America’s vision to prepare all children for healthy, physically active lives. Thanks to their teachers and coaches, my two kids have a great start. Let’s keep moving!
Matt Rankin

Jamie Sparks

Marybell Avery

Kathy Wilbur

Maggie Morris – you are a terrific spokeswoman! Loved the video of you and your mom. You inspired me to make SHAPE America my #GivingTuesday charity this year. Keep up the great work!!

Philip Chaput

Stephanie Morris

Kurt Stone

Stephen Jefferies

Patti Hartle

Wyatt Morse

Lynn D. Hammond

Bob Knipe

A special tribute to Dr. Don Hellison for his valuable work on teaching character development and values, and a method for helping students develop personal and social responsibility through physical activity and education.
Srecko Mavrek

To all of my Cal Poly Pomona professors and master teacher— Peri Berkler who have forever touched my life in the profession of HPE, YOU made a difference.
Stephanie Sandino

Kymm Ballard

In honor of Paula, thanks for all your years of service to our organization.

Donna Cobb

Steve Mitchell

In honor of my former UW-LaCrosse professor, Anna Beth Culver, for her influence on my life as a physical educator, and to all health and physical educators who strive to make a difference each and every day of their students’ lives. #50MillionStrong
Patty Kestell

Stephanie Canada

Julie Lueckenhofr

Doug Hallberg

Seattle Preparatory School
Donating on behalf of the Health & Exercise Science Department at Seattle Preparatory School

“Physical Fitness is the basis for all other forms of excellence.”
~ John F. Kennedy
Our students health and #GrayMatterMatters
Clayton Ellis

I am proud to donate to the organization that has given me so much throughout my career. I, along with an anonymous donor, were happy to offer a match as part of the Facebook campaign started by Jamie Sparks to get donations from all 50 states
Judy LoBianco

In honor of one of the tireless, behind the scenes workers at SHAPE America.

Chris Hersl

Grands: Maggie Jamie Carly
Pamela Peacock

In honor of Every Health and PE teacher making a difference!
Brett Fuller

In honor of my two daughters. Wishing them a healthy future! Larissa Kulczycky

I would like to honor our nation’s health and physical education teachers who dedicate their lives to leading children on the path toward health and physical literacy.
Frances Cleland

Every child deserves to be healthy, fit…and be inspired by a life-changing teacher!
Stephanie Guerrieri

Yasmeen Taji-Farouki

Pam Bechtel

Gayle is always there for Washington and NW – SW folks! She has dedicated herself to ensuring quality physical education and health for children through her advocacy efforts and her support of educators. Thank you Gayle! I appreciate you!
Renee Colleran

Collin Brooks

Marie M. Landwer

Lisa Church

Jerry Landwer

In honor of all the children. Bob Kaminski

In memory of Red Nauslar for his unwavering support for my passion, a healthier & more Active America.

In appreciation of SHAPE America’s amazing Development & Outreach team – Darcel, Heather and Yasmeen. Thank you for all you do!

Mahalo Dee, for all that you have given to our profession.
Shelley Fey

In honor of my children, Chris and Ally, who inspire me endlessly.

Paula Kun in honor of my granddaughter, Pepper

Heather Flynn

Mary Khattak

Darcel Bowers

I am donating in honor of my two young children Anjali and Jase who have bright, active, healthy futures ahead of them!
Sinu Patel

Tom Carpenter

Joey Martelli

In tribute to Jackie Malaska, NJAHPERD Executive Director for all she has done to help “50 Million Stronger by 2019” succeed by strengthening the health, well-being and literacy of our students by the programs she extends to all our professionals.
JoAnn Doherty

Charlene Burgeson

Karen Pollard

Diana Snyder