What tools will SHAPE America use to measure progress toward 50 Million Strong?

SHAPE America is using the following tools to measure progress:

The 50 Million Strong Measurement and Evaluation Task Force identified the goals and selected the data that would best measure success for this ongoing initiative.

If I teach at the elementary school level, how will I make an impact?

Although some of the measurement tools for 50 Million Strong use data collected at the secondary school level, elementary teachers play a key role in the success of this ongoing initiative. By focusing on effective instruction and taking the lead in promoting school-wide wellness, you can put children on the path to health and physical literacy during the critical elementary school years.

Will there be benchmarks that show progress toward the goals of 50 Million Strong?

Over the next 3-5 years, SHAPE America will be working to raise awareness of 50 Million Strong and develop the resources that teachers need to improve their instructional practices in support of the initiative’s long-term goals.

We also will continue to advocate for effective health and physical education in our nation’s schools.

As new data from the Youth Risk Behavior Study, School Health Policies and Practices Study, and SHAPE of the NationTM become available, we will share the information on the SHAPE America website.

What does it mean to participate in 50 Million Strong?

We believe that health and physical literacy can be a life-changer for all children, and our 50 Million Strong initiative provides the framework for getting all kids:

  • Active 60+ minutes a day
  • Making healthy choices
  • Prepared to maintain positive behaviors for a lifetime

You can show your commitment to 50 Million Strong by following the Steps to Success and helping us build awareness on social media.

I am not a K-12 teacher. How can I participate in 50 Million Strong?

If you’re working at the college or university level, we’ll be relying on you to educate the next generation of health and PE teachers about the importance of health and physical literacy — and conduct the research that elevates our profession.

If you are a school principal or administrator, there are many ways to elevate your school’s health and physical education program.

Future professionals and parents can also join the commitment to 50 Million Strong.